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Admission Procedure

For being eligible for admission to the course of PGDCA, a candidate must be Graduate in any discipline at the time of the Entrance Exam.As seats are limited, admission is offered on the basis of merit in the Entrance Test and interview(if needed).The University permits admission to the course twice a year, in August and January depending upon the infra-sructure at the study centre.


This Diploma is of one year's duration which is divided into two semesters.

Medium of Instruction

Students are given the option of choosing either English or Hindi, as the medium of expression in the written examination.


A student must have at least 75% attendance in theory and practicals , failing which his/her admission may be terminated , and he/she may not be allowed to appear in the examination.

Term Work

Since computer education is a professional in nature a student is expected to complete all the programming practicals, term work assignments, class tests as per instructions.Unsatisfactory performance in these activities shall debar a student from appearing in the University examinations.


The students are expected to maintain strict discipline and decorem,in and out of the campus.All the students will be goverened by the Rules and Regulations, framed by the university, from time to time, Existing Rules as modified by the Director general from time to time, shall be binding upon the students.

Scheme fo Examination

Theory papers
Semester I

S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 1PGDCA1 Fundamental of computers and information technology 100
2. 1PGDCA2 Operating Systems
3. 1PGDCA3 Application programming in fox pro 100
4. 1PGDCA4 PC packages
(Windows.MS word and MS-Exel,MS-Powerpoint)

Semester II

S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 2DCA1 GUI programming in Visual Basic 100
2. 2PGDCA2 Internet and E-Commerce 100
3. 2PGDCA2 OOPS &Programming in C++ 100
4. 2PGDCA2 System Analysis and Design 100

Practical Papers

Semester I
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 1PGDCA5 Computer Lab-1 100
Semester II
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 2PGDCA5 Computer Lab-II 100
2. 2PGDCA6 Project Work 100


  • For passing the examination ,minimum 40% marks must be scored in each passing head individually.
  • For passing , the overall aggragate of marks must be atleast 45% in Theory & Practicals, separately.
  • For the purpose of award of merit or division, only the marks abtaind in the Theory heads of all the semesters & together shall be considered.

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