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Admission Procedure

Beign eligible for taking admission to the course of BCA, a candidate must be 12th pass at the time of Entrance Examination.As the seats are limited, admission is offered on the basis of merit list in the entrance test.


Reservations are given as per rules applicable in the State Government, to the SC/St and OBC candidates.But entrance test is must for reserved seats as well.If sufficient number of candidates are not available in the reserved cateogory,the seats will offered to General cateogory.


For BCA it is necessary to enroll as a regular student of the university after the presentation of previous Transfer Certificate(T.C.) for admission confirmation.A student of BCA is not allowed to join any other regular course of any University.

Entrance Examination

The Entrance Examination paper is of 2 hours duration mainly to test the logical and analytical/abilities.There is no negative marking.

Duration of the course

This Degree course is of three year's duration which is divided into six semesters.The course follows the semester pattern for examination.The University reserves the right to update or change the syllabus at any time as and when needed.

Medium of Instruction

Students are given the option of choosing either English or Hindi, as the medium of expression in the written examination.


Every candidateshall have to attend minimum 75% clcssesin all in theory and practicals.No calim shall be entertained if the attendance is less than 60% and the candidate may be detained or even terminated.

Term Work

Computer education is being a professional study, as student is expected to complete all the programming practicals, term work assignments, class tests as per instructions.Unsatisfactory performance in these activities shall debar a student from appearing in the University examinations.


The students are expected to maintain strict discipline and decorem,in and out of the campus.All the students will be goverened by the Rules,ordinance and Regulations framed by the university and amendments effected from time to time.

Regular Teaching

The regular teaching of the entire course is to be carried out by the institute where the student is seeking admission.It is the responsibility of the institute to carry out the entire academic programmes of the University at the centre.Hence the student should take admission only after thoroughly evaluating the institute enviorment.


Student admitted to one centre will not be transferred to another centre until unless there are sufficient reasons to transfer.No transfer is allowed without University's prior permission.Students are also required to produce NOC from the previous institute in case of trensfer.


The Examination is solely conducted by the University.The University does not entertain any interface of the institute.For BCA course the university follows semester pattern.Minimum 40% marks are necessary for individual subjects.However the overall aggregete marks must be atleast 45% so as to pass.The examination shall be based on given syllabus which may be modified from time to time as per requirements, so as to keep it more updated.

Scheme for Examination

Semester I
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 1BCA1 Fundamentals of Computer 100
2. 1BCA2 PC packages
(Windows.MS word and MS-Exel)
3. 1BCA3 Programming Logic & Design Techniques 100
4. 1BCA4 Programming in C 100
5. 1BCA5 Communicative English 100
6. 1BCA6 Practical Lab-I 100
7. 1BCA7 Internal Assesment
& Term Work
8. 1BCA8 Professional
Personality skills

Semester II
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 2BCA1 Digital computer Organisation 100
2. 2BCA2 Advanced Programming in C 100
3. 2BCA3 Data Structures 100
4. 2BCA4 RDBMS programming in Foxpro 100
5. 2BCA5 Financial Accounting 100
6. 2BCA6 Practical Lab-II 100
7. 2BCA7 Internal Assesment
& Term Work
8. 2BCA8 Professional
Personality skills

Semester III
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 3BCA1 Information Technology Trends 100
2. 3BCA2 GUI programming in Visual Basic 100
3. 3BCA3 Database Management System 100
4. 3BCA4 Networking & LAN 100
5. 3BCA5 Management Skills 100
6. 3BCA6 Practical Lab-III 100
7. 3BCA7 Internal Assesment
& Term Work
8. 3BCA8 Professional
Personality skills

Semester IV
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 4BCA1 OOPS & Programming in C++ 100
2. 4BCA2 Operating System Concepts 100
3. 4BCA3 Internet & E-commerce 100
4. 4BCA4 System Analysis and Design 100
5. 4BCA5 Linux Operating System 100
6. 4BCA6 Practical Lab-IV 100
7. 4BCA7 Internal Assesment
& Term Work
8. 4BCA8 Minor Project 100
9. 4BCA9 Professional
Personality skills

Semester V
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
1. 5BCA1 Components Architecture & Programming(COM,DCOM) 100
2. 5BCA2 Multimedia Tools & Applications 100
3. 5BCA3 Programming in Java 100
4. 5BCA4 Oracle RDBMS 100
5. 5BCA5 Computer Center Management 100
6. 5BCA6 Practical Lab-V 100
7. 5BCA7 Internal Assesment
& Term Work
8. 5BCA8 Professional
Personality skills

Semester VI
S.No. Semester code Name of the Subject Marks
2. 6BCA2 Internal Assesment
& Term Work


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