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Strict discipline is maintained in the Institute.Attendnce of each student is closely monitored.High moral conduct and manners are encouraged in the students.Voilation of discipline can even result in restriction.The progress of the student is communicated to the parents.


The Institute organises cultural and literary activities throughout the year.The students can participate in Debates, Seminars and Discussions Organised by different Faculties\Societies. Good facilities of Games and Sports are available.The students can participate in the Inter college as well as Inter University competitions.The University of Bikaner is a member of the AIU which organises the Inter University sports.Students who have earlier participated in the national or state events are supported and encouraged bt the University.

The students are sponsered to participate in national level cultural events.Pratibha an intra University talent competition open to all the students is generally held in the month of January.The College provides the atmosphere of an extended family to promote academic excellence.

Keen College has been organising cultural programms of renowned artists of India . The main objective of these programs are to provide a direct interaction of these masters of music with the students of college . In past years these famous artists have performed before the students

  1. Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt (Grammy Award Winner)(Padam Shree)
  2. Ustad Puran chand and pyare lal wadali (Popularly known as Wadali Brothers)
                                            (Padam Shree)
  3. Pt. Shubehedru Rao
  4. Sh. Prateek Choudhary
  5. Sh. Iqbal Hussain Bandanawazi ( From Hyderabad)


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